Common Injuries In Heavy Equipment Construction

Construction sites are a very dangerous place to work in. These construction workers constantly risk their lives to create our homes, hotels, and buildings that we see everyday. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are about 6.5 million workers that work on about 252,000 construction sites everyday. The construction industry has a higher fatality rate than any other industry. Although not all accidents in construction are fatal, most are nonfatal. Going to a construction site is no joke and all the safety precautions should be followed accordingly. Here are some of the most common injuries that occur in construction.

Construction Common Injuries

One of the most common injuries that happen in construction are the falls. A fall from a forklift or cranes may result in a fatality. These falls are very dangerous are one of the top causes of the injuries in construction. Especially when constructing buildings with numerous floors, the construction workers are more prone to accidents. Being extra careful when they are handling equipment that brings them up in the air or when they are building something high up in the air, these workers are extra careful to avoid these unfortunate accidents. 10 billion dollars is the amount of damage that fall accidents happen and it tops all industries according to Liberty Manual.

Another common injury that occurs is the struck by object injury. This is what happens when a worker is hit by a falling object in construction. This may be due to a faulty heavy equipment and in turn caused it to drop construction materials on some of the workers. A rolling object like a dump truck or a backhoe loader may accidentally hit a worker and result in injury. A falling material from a crane may also cause injury or a faulty machine spewing out nails could likely be another cause of injury. These accidents can cause all types of injuries from broken bones to internal problems and sometimes eye or head injuries.

Electrocution has also been one of the top causes of injury in construction. This is due to exposure to electrical energy. The electrical faults in any of the machinery could cause all types of accidents. It could result in paralysis or worse create a fire that may result in death or severe burns among the workers. The electrical current that may run through the bodies of the workers could cause serious injury to the body. The electrical problems could also cause explosions throughout the site and in turn cause a lot of injuries.

A lot of these problems mainly happen on accident which is why it is called such. Nobody wants any of these to happen which is why safety precaution is strictly enforced on construction sites. Big construction sites that need heavy equipment should double down on safety precautions because the bigger the equipment could result in more injuries. No one can predict when an accident can happen which is why preparation is important. This is also the reason why it’s very important to hire a licensed, bonded and experienced contractor for house building and construction so that you stay worry free during the entire construction process.

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