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Types Of Intellectual Property

How to protect an intellectual property

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016

How to protect an intellectual property

First of all let’s start with clarifying what an intellectual property is. Many people have heard about an intellectual property but they are not completely sure what it is. Well, to put simply, it is anything that has been produced from a creative thought, of course, not in use by someone else already. So if you get an amazing idea or create a design, anything that you want to claim as your own and work on it, sell it, or do whatever, you will need to ensure that nobody else except you is allowed to do so, and of course those who you give permission. So how do you secure your intellectual property?
Follow these few simple steps and you will be able to claim it as your own.

introFirst of all you need to register your idea. In order to do so you will need to hire a lawyer who will help you in the process of registering your idea. What’s important within the process of registering is that at the same time your registering process ends, you will have to distinguish your patent from anything that is even remotely similar to it.


Before you are able to completely secure your intellectual property it is important not to talk about it in public. Be careful who you’re sharing your information with, since anybody who is listening can take it and claim it as theirs. Before the registering process is finished it is anybody’s game and if someone registers it before you, nobody will care that you’re the first one who thought about it.


If you have a partner who you’re working with on an idea or a patent, make sure you hire a lawyer and you both sign a non-disclosure agreement. There are people who will do anything to succeed, and if that means taking you out of the equation, you will be left behind. So secure yourself before anything bad happens.


There are times when an intellectual property is challenged by someone else. In this case you will need to verify that it is in fact you who has been working on it and developing it, make sure you record your whole process of designing it and that it’s also dated, so you can be sure that you’re the one who started working on it first.


After you have taken these precautions, it’s smart to apply for a trademark. If you already have a company name and a logo, a wise choice would be to register your original trademark as well. Maybe somebody else will try to force their way based on your reputation by stealing or copying your own, so to avoid things like that, make sure you have legitimate claim on it.

After all of this, if your idea is truly amazing and ground breaking and you know you will have a lot of profit based on it, getting a patent is probably a smart thing to do.

Patents may even cost up to 200 thousand dollars, but if your product is really good, it may prove like a minor cost to pay.

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